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Soften Hard Water

With all the different types of water filters out there it may be odd to come across the term water softener. It’s important to know that there is a difference between a filter and softener and one over the other may be the better course of action for you in order to better match with your water alteration goals. With a water softener, you are altering the state of the water and not so much filtering anything out. Essentially an ion exchange is happening with certain minerals being removed as well as odors. Salt is used in order to take away the elements found in hard water such as magnesium and calcium.

A water softener system will use resin beads to attract and attach sodium ions in the softener tank and then pump hard water through the resin beads to exchange the hardness ions with sodium ions. Thus water will taste less metallic and become more softened. Ultimately water softeners will increase the sodium in your water, a regeneration will typically occur with your water softener in order to clear the hardness ions from the beads so that they can function properly. Resin beads won’t need to be replaced yet in order to have proper water softener maintenance it’s best to periodically refill the brine tank with water softener salt. Depending on the tank size and how often regeneration cycles occur the frequency of replacing the salt will differ. To learn more and get help with water softeners in Chattanooga, TN by talking to one of our water experts soon.

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